First aid course

Recently, the Ukrainian Red Cross Society held a very informative, busy intensive care for first aid.

First aid is vital for saving lives. We are convinced that not only doctors should be able to provide emergency medical care, but also every conscious citizen, who, in unfortunate circumstances, can witness an accident. Do you know that up to 35,000 people can be rescued every year in Ukraine, provided timely medical assistance?

An algorithm for first aid has been outlined  for us. The recognition of the problem and providing help, how to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and carry out first aid with burns, frostbite, wounds, bleeding, and fractures were trained.
The participants of the training were able to learn and practice indirect heart massage and artificial respiration on the dummy, impose a tire on and how to safely transport the injured person and stop the bleeding.

The training left great impressions, and most importantly – valuable skills, how not to harm and properly  carry out first aid, and possibly to save the  injured person ‘s life. It was very informative and certainly very useful for us.