“Rokada” and Canada launch a career marathon for refugees and asylum seekers in Ukraine

Charitable Foundation “Rokada”, with the generous support of the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives, is launching the project “Development of youth, especially girls and women, among asylum seekers and refugees through education and vocational guidance”.

One of the main obstacles on the way of young refugees and asylum seekers to the integration in Ukraine and better living conditions is professional realization. Other cultural experiences, stereotypes, cases of stigma and discrimination, hinder the career growth of people who have chosen Ukraine as their new home. It is challenging for refugees and asylum seekers to understand the peculiarities of the Ukrainian labour market, to choose a future profession and an appropriate education, to get a resume together correctly and to undergo an interview.

To help young people among refugees and asylum seekers choose their future profession and take the first steps in forming a cherished career path, CF “Rokada” organizes a career marathon – a series of training sessions during which professionals in various areas will share their own experiences, answer questions and give valuable advice to participants. A total of 96 young people will be able to attend trainings and decide on their future. Among all participants the most motivated one’s will be invited to continue studying and improve their skills at self-presentation, teamwork, time management, personal finance, etc. After that, 24 selected participants will take trainings for youth leaders and learn about project management, communications, team building and other topics.

All trainings will be held in cooperation with the MBA Kids International School of Entrepreneurship and Leadership.