“Rokada” and Canada launch a career marathon for refugees and asylum seekers in Ukraine

Charitable Foundation Rokada, with the generous support of the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives is launching the project “Development of youth, especially girls and women, among asylum seekers and refugees through education and vocational guidance”.

One of the main obstacles on the way of young refugees and asylum seekers to the integration in Ukraine and better living conditions is professional realization. Other cultural experiences, stereotypes, cases of stigma and discrimination, hinder the career growth of people who have chosen Ukraine as their new home. It is challenging for refugees and asylum seekers to understand the peculiarities of the Ukrainian labor market, to choose a future profession and appropriate education, to get a resume together correctly and to undergo an interview.

To help young people among refugees and asylum seekers choose their future profession and take the first steps in forming a cherished career path, CF “Rokada” organizes a career marathon – a series of training sessions during which professionals in various areas will share their own experiences, answer questions and give valuable advice to participants. A total of 96 young people will be able to attend training and decide on their future. Among all participants, the most motivated one’s will be invited to continue studying and improve their skills in self-presentation, teamwork, time management, personal finance, etc. After that, 24 selected participants will take training for youth leaders and learn about project management, communications, team building, and other topics.

All training will be held in cooperation with the MBA Kids International School of Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

— 4-5 September —

The first training for the first group of participants brought together three professionals and schoolchildren among refugees and asylum seekers in Ukraine. The training was opened by Mykola Dorychenko, co-founder and CEO of the MBA Kids International School of Entrepreneurship and Leadership for children and adolescents. He took the participants on a journey from four industrial revolutions to a foreseeable future with new demands. Creativity, emotional intelligence, analytical thinking, active learning, leadership, tolerance and openness are among skills that the speaker advised the participants to master for career success.

After that, Artem Gumenyuk, an experienced IT business analyst, introduced the audience to his profession. In addition to general information, such as salary, job search websites, the pros and cons of the profession, the speaker shared his own experience: what his working day looks like, and why constant self-development is necessary for success in his profession.

The third speaker took the participants behind the scenes of the world of television and introduced them to the main professions in the media. Vitalia Konischuk, head of a business line of 1 + 1 media school, spoke about the philosophy of the 1 + 1 media holding and the common values of the company’s employees. Refugees and asylum seekers shared their own creative ideas that they wanted to implement in the future, and also developed their skill of improvisation – one of the most important parts of public life.

On the following day, participants continued their acquaintance with new professions. Adrian Hernandez-Suarez, a hairdresser who specializes in men’s haircuts, shared the insights of his work. He showed the participants the tools he uses in his work, told them about the estimated salaries and the best strategies for communicating with clients.

Then, participants listened to the speech of a successful IT specialist Vladyslav Nestyrenko. He spoke not only about the IT industry in Ukraine and career opportunities in it, but also about his own experience of adaptation in Kyiv because Vladyslav is an internally displaced person from Donetsk.

After that, the lawyer Sofia Kostytska told about the first steps in the profession and the best training programs for beginners. Sofia also spoke about the difference between working in the public and private sectors. Finally, the speaker, together with the participants, discussed interesting cases of international law.

This is only the beginning of the career marathon, but the participants already have something to think about and skills to master. Anytime they can contact experienced speakers and always get professional advice from them.

—11 September—

The new training session for pupils among refugees and asylum seekers in Ukraine began with an inspiring speech of Tatiana Hernandez Suarez, business manager of Europe’s largest business club, “Young Business Club”. She told the participants about the importance of networking and communication for success in the profession. She also shared her own examples of how initiative can help to boost your career. So, Tatiana is a fashion designer by profession. And when one of the “Young Business Club” clients was looking for someone to sew a dress, Tatiana decided to put her name forward. Over time, one dress turned into a successful atelier and Tatiana’s own fashion brand.

After that, the participants learned about the profession of a motion designer from Dmytro Tkachenko, who works in the international computer game development studio “Voki games”. Using examples of his own work – videos for promoting games – Dmytro described the whole process of creating animation and sound design. He also told how to take the first steps in the profession, get a job and a salary range. Surprisingly, all you need to pursue a career as a motion designer is a computer and YouTube with tutorials for creating animation.

Then, Violetta Tuma, project manager in “” advertising agency, introduced the participants to the world of journalism, advertising and project management. How to have an interview, deal with responsibilities, understand what is native advertising or product placement – Violetta supplemented all these with her experience and interesting examples.

Finally, all the participants received certificates of training course completion. And the most active members of the group will be invited to continue participation in the career marathon soon!