UNHCR Self-Reliance Grants for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Ukraine

A Self-Reliance Grant is a one-time assistance that can be provided to the persons of concern to UNHCR who meet the criteria mentioned below. A grant can be provided to those who have a strong desire and understanding of becoming self-reliant and who provide a clear and reasonable individual business or employment plan.

The following persons of concern are eligible for UNHCR self-reliance grants:

i. recognized refugees and persons granted with a complementary protection status by the Ukrainian government;

ii. mandate refugees i.e. persons who are recognized as refugees by UNHCR under its Statute and regardless of whether or not they have been recognized by the Ukrainian government;

iii. asylum-seekers who have been found eligible for assistance by UNHCR partners, who are at any stage of the national asylum-procedure (including appealing process) and hold a valid asylum certificate issued by the Regional Migration Service;

The Self-Reliance Grants will aim at covering the following needs:

– Direct assistance to the small and medium scale business activities performed by one or more applicants, aimed to start up or develop a profitable business;

– Agricultural activities start-ups, giving preference to persons residing in rural areas with previous experience in this field;

– Vocational skills and/or re-qualification training for purpose of further stable employment;

– Other projects aimed at livelihoods support;

How to apply for the grant:

1. Fill in a Self-Reliance Grants Questionnaire in UkrainianEnglishFrenchArabicFarsiSomali or Russian languages. In case you don’t know the above mentioned languages, you can fill in your native language.

2. If you are short-listed, you will be appointed a meeting (in person at UNHCR office or via Skype) and interviewed.

3. On UNHCR consultation fill in a Self-reliance Grant Application or an Individual Plan for Employment plan (in case of vocational trainings) based on received recommendations and forward it to UNHCR at your earliest convenience, but not more than 1 month after the meeting.

4. The Self-Reliance Grants Selection Committee will review your Application or Plan, make the final decision and inform you in writing about it.

5. If you are approved to receive a grant, you will be provided with further consultations on implementing a business plan.

If you meet requirements, please fill in a Self-reliance Grants Questionnaire attached and send it Please, write “Self-Reliance Grant” in email subject.

For more details on submission of grant application, please contact UNHCR at +38 (044) 288-97-10 (ext. 114) or in person on Wednesdays at 10 am – 5 pm.

Standard operating procedure for the provision of small self-reliance grants to persons of concern in Ukraine (October 2017)