Humanitarian help

The humanitarian component of the Rokada Charitable Foundation’s activities is aimed at improving the material and living conditions of refugees and protection of the most vulnerable categories: newcomers, children, women, persons suffering from chronic diseases, etc.

As part of the UNHCR project, refugees and asylum-seekers can apply for a social worker from the Fund:

– Certificates for foodstuffs and hygiene products (for patients with diabetes, chronic diseases, newcomers and for children over 1 year on the recommendation of a physician);

– Dry mixtures for infants (up to 1 year);

– Stationery (for schoolchildren);

– School uniform;

– Warm clothes and shoes for newcomers and for schoolchildren;

– Utensils, cutlery, bedding, and linen (for new arrivals).

Also, on a regular basis, payment for food for refugee children who attend preparatory groups at pre-school educational institutions is provided, subject to the provision of relevant documents.

The Fund also collects humanitarian aid from philanthropists and then this aid is distributed to the refugees in accordance with their needs. These can be clothing, footwear, household items, kitchen utensils, books, children’s toys, furniture, everything for infants, etc.