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In order to facilitate the integration of refugees and asylum seekers into Ukrainian society and their soft adaptation to the customs, language, traditions of the host country, a significant role is played by education and training. On the basis of CF “Rokada”, refugees have access to Ukrainian language courses and computer courses, and assistance in receiving retraining. A step-by-step learning of the Ukrainian language will allow refugees and asylum seekers to feel more comfortable in everyday life – to understand their interlocutors, express their opinions and be heard, get help from a doctor or government agency, shop maintenance, hairdressing, transport, etc. Mastering the Ukrainian language at a high level will ensure the needs of refugees not only in the social sphere, but also in the professional, educational, cultural and country-specific areas of communication.

Computer class facilities include computer literacy courses, training for specific professional programs, access to the Internet and job information, establishing online communication with relatives in other countries, viewing video tutorials, and more.