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Two-day training in Lutsk: «Features of creating and running a business for IDPs»

By October 16, 2023No Comments

«I tried to ask my friends about the specifics of running a business, but they answered in such a way that I hardly understood anything. And during the training, everything became clear: the lecturer explained everything in such simple, accessible language». – admits Mrs. Olga. The woman is originally from Kharkiv Oblast, and as an internally displaced person currently lives in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Mrs. Olga was in Lutsk for a one-week visit.

The woman says that she plans to open a premium-class clothing business. «I understand, there is a war in the country, many people will say that, they say, what a premium class. But I feel that I will succeed».

Actually, in order to better understand the specifics of the registration of an intellectual property product and its management, Ms. Olga attended a two-day training «Features of creating and running a business for IDPs» organized by the team of our Foundation at Diia.Business I Lutsk.

The event was conducted by Olga Ivankiv, a business trainer and founder of LLC «Consulting Center», which provides services to small and medium-sized businesses in aspects related to accounting. The speaker has been working in this field for over 15 years.

The participants of the training were internally displaced persons and local activists, who were able to discuss the following issues:

– how to register your own business;
– what organizational and legal forms of entrepreneurial activity exist in Ukraine;
– what are the peculiarities of taxation of business activity;
– where to start the procedure for generating income from entrepreneurial activity;
– what is the content and essence of costs of entrepreneurial activity;
– how to calculate business results.

The participants learned to calculate the results of their own business, understood how to avoid typical mistakes when paying taxes, and improved their awareness of grant opportunities for internally displaced persons.

«I really did not expect that events of this level could be free of charge», –  explained Ms. Olga, who will open a premium-class clothing business.

The project is implemented with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF).